Friday, October 9, 2009


Slender summer showers
    Like lace on skin
blossom in secret,
immense whispers
which build and swell
    and slice into storms
 of thunder and wonder,
 of lightning licking
like tongues, tendrils searching,
  seeking shelter
    like lovers, laughing
 after standing
 soaked and stranded
in a summer evening storm.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I wrote this poem at some point in the year 2000. As far as I can remember, it's my most recent attempt at poetry, which I lost my taste for as a creative writing undergrad. It's not out of the question that I may get back into it on a (very) limited basis.

Also, it's coming to seem that "Fiction Blog" is a misnomer, given the myriad items making their way on here. I'll have to give some though to changing it.